swinger faqs


No, we’re not a swinger club or a business, we are private event organisers, who do this just for fun! Our events operate on a non-profit basis, with ticket prices reflecting the cost of renting the venues as well and any food and drinks we provide.

Full-scale play parties can be a bit overwhelming, especially for newcomers and social events are a great way for like-minded people to get to know each other in a relaxed, no-pressure environment. We all know it can be difficult to present yourself with a few pictures and words on a profile, and most people tend to come across better in real life. Social events are a great way of interacting and getting to know the people behind the profile. They’re also perfect if you’re more experienced as they provide an excellent opportunity to build connections, learn about other clubs and websites, and even receive invitations to private parties hosted by fellow attendees.

If you’re new to swinging or still at the curious stage, we’ve compiled some handy tips, which we hope will help you get the most out of our sexy social meet-ups.

Our social events are non-play events held in public places. However, in our experience, people often arrange after parties and while there’s no guarantee, you might be lucky enough to get a furtive nudge and a wink and a discrete invite – what happens next is up to you!

Our play parties are unique gatherings at exclusive villas, combining the best of socialising with ample opportunities for play and more intimate connections. While the focus is on enjoying each other’s company in a relaxed atmosphere, there are plenty of areas designed for those who wish to explore their adventurous side.

These events retain the friendly and sociable vibe of our social events, but in a private setting where you can feel free to be more daring in terms of dress and behaviour. There’s freedom to explore, but no requirement to join in.

Typically held in luxurious villas, our parties feature a mix of open spaces where guests can mingle, as well as more intimate areas for those seeking a quieter setting. Discretion is paramount, and our events are designed to be welcoming to newbies and seasoned swingers alike.

Some of our venues also boast beautiful outdoor spaces, allowing guests to enjoy the Algarve’s stunning weather and breath-taking views.

Whether you’re looking to meet new people, explore new experiences, or just enjoy a great party, you’re sure to have fun!

The ticket price includes drinks and a light buffet.

We ask if you have a profile name on one of the popular swinger sites when you sign up or contact us about attending one of our events. It’s not compulsory to provide us with one, but it’s helpful if you do:

  • It helps us check whether applicants are genuine, so we can try to filter out spam sign-ups and people without a genuine interest in the lifestyle.
  • We like to know a little about the people who come along. This also helps us to recognise and remember our guests.
  • We can validate you when we’ve met you. Our social events are a great way for newbies to get that first validation and avoid the “catch-22” situation of finding it hard to get a meet because one’s not validated and not being able to get validated because one can’t get a meet!
  • Knowing people’s preferences can help us balance the ratio of male and female guests. So if we have many attendees looking for single guys, for example, we may allow more to attend a particular event.

We do not use profiles to vet people based on their age, looks or any other attributes – beauty is, as they say, in the eye of the beholder!

Our social gatherings are open to anyone with a genuine interest in meeting like-minded adults. As our parties are held in an intimate and private setting, tickets are usually by invitation only and are offered to people we have met, chatted to, or otherwise been in contact with. Coming to one of our social events is a great way to help make sure you get on the guest list for the next party!

We try to maintain a balanced ratio of male and female guests, so if you’re a single guy, you may end up on the waitlist for an event while we balance the numbers.

Early bird tickets are tickets that are cheaper than regular tickets. We offer a limited number of these for each event to allow people who book early to enjoy a discount on the full price. As we always announce our events first via our mailing list, subscribers have the best chance of getting hold of them before they sell out!

Apart from the price, there is no difference between a regular ticket and an early bird ticket.

An Official Validation Event means that all couples and single females who attend the event will be given SpicyMatch Certified Member badge. Such a badge will indicate that the profile is real, and the certified member can benefit from their Discounted Membership Rates. However, we as organisers, will validate everyone privately as well – including single guys. At SpicyMatch events we usually offer free three months Premium Membership vouchers as well.

Similar to how you would dress to make a good impression on a first date, we suggest that you dress smartly for our social events. Since these events take place in public venues, it’s best to avoid attire that is overly fetishy or too revealing, unless the event details state otherwise. However, when it comes to our villa parties, we will expect you to put in extra effort so feel free to wear more daring and attractive outfits and let your imagination run wild!

We speak English, Polish, German and Spanish and people of many different nationalities come to our events, so don’t worry – you’ll always find someone to chat with!

We respect your privacy, and any pictures, names, profile names or any other personal information you provide to us will be kept strictly confidential and we will not share this without your prior consent. Photography is not allowed at our events, unless in private areas with the permission of all those involved.

Please see our privacy policy page for full details but, in short, we have no interest in selling your data, or using any information you provide us in any way except for the purposes of informing you of our events and managing any bookings you may make. We use Brevo to manage our subscriptions, Ticket Tailor to manage our event bookings and PayPal to process payments, you can find their privacy policies by following the respective links. Should you wish to be removed from our mailing lists, you can do so via the unsubscribe link in our emails or by contacting us directly at info@algarveafterdark.com.

If you have any additional swinger FAQs that you think we may have missed, don’t hesitate to contact us using the social links below.